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  1. Fender Strat Pickup hole size?
  2. Callaham steel block install question.
  3. Warm Danish on your body? Help/Suggestions welcomed!
  4. New forum for the modding and fixing squad!
  5. How to repair a chip on the backside of a neck?
  6. Cool Jake E. Lee Strat Replica project
  7. Guitar Modding Sites
  8. "Full Boat" Humbucker Wiring Mod
  9. Well started messing with the Washburn
  10. Fender Vintage Noiseless Pickups Install
  11. Parts are being shipped!
  12. Adding a push pull pot.
  13. Fret dressing
  14. Wiring Mod for Dual Humbucker / Only One 4-Conductor
  15. Humbucker Wiring Mods Web Page
  16. The Pimped Strat is Complete!
  17. Great service from Stewart MacDonald
  18. HSS mod
  19. Peavey Down For More Surgery
  20. Valve Jr. tube swap project
  21. A few newbie questions - Advice
  22. Ordered a whole bunch of parts from GFS
  23. Fixing the neck on my Epoch/gibson
  24. Sorry guys I lied
  25. Squier Telecaster Custom NOISE
  26. Peavey Foundation Upgrade
  27. LP project
  28. Contoured heel?
  29. Basic setup questions
  30. Body refinish using pictures - any ideas/suggestions?
  31. probably a ridiculous question
  32. Making A Solid Body Guitar For The First Time
  33. Brian May Guitar ELECTRONIC
  34. Do I Need To Replace The Bridge?
  35. Jazzmaster project
  36. Made to order HB pups for $60
  37. Tele update
  38. What is Your Method for Dressing Frets?
  39. Tube Screamer Clone Mod
  40. Man, I love them Swedes....
  41. A Personal Lesson in Soldering
  42. Cheapo guitar buzz & hum
  43. Replace Tremolo with Hardtail Bridge
  44. Parts searching
  45. TNT Custom Guitars is closing their store, good deals.
  46. Hey, You Graphics Gurus--HELP!!
  47. The Stagemaster Project
  48. $100 Guitar Question
  49. Virtual Guitar Builder Site
  50. Is there a pedel for this?
  51. My Amp Is Smokin'
  52. OK, you Tube Screamer aficionados....
  53. Help With Schaller Locking Mini Tuning Machine Heads 6 In-Line
  54. My First Mod to My fender MIm strat
  55. Why does everyone have the 51' Squier
  56. The radio come through my practice amp
  57. More Tube Screamer Diddlin' - Clipping Diode Comparison
  58. Bridge Cover
  59. '51 Squier! Mods...or destroyed...
  60. Pickup question
  61. A Little Bling For an Old Soldier
  62. My stupid buy
  63. Help with setting this guitar up PLease.
  64. Jay Turser strap nut question...
  65. Cap Question or Help Me, DVM, Your My Only Hope
  66. Gibson Sg pup help
  67. Guitar Kits, Components and Other Things
  68. Tele Project Blog
  69. Martin D16GT
  70. Pedal DIY'ers....
  71. Stratocaster model project
  72. Now, THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!
  73. Put a Celestion G10 in my AD30
  74. Stringing a guitar video
  75. Earvana nut ?
  76. Semi hollow body loose nuts
  77. Amp blueprints, tube datasheets, & amp prints
  78. Speaker replacement for morons
  79. Quick & Easy Bridge Pickup Add-in Wiring Mod
  80. Neck adjustment help needed
  81. Epi Valve Jr Head Mods...so far, so good...
  82. Vox AD30VT Tube Change - How in the???
  83. Wiring humbuckers - what do I need?
  84. Bought a New Maple Neck for my Strat
  85. I just did a kinda retro mod to my Squier 51!
  86. Callaham stainless steel parts for Strats
  87. Robert, where did you get that pickguard for your '51?
  88. Short Scale Conversion
  89. Guitar Fetish PUPS..opinions?
  90. How do u fix the frets
  91. Strat '51 Project
  92. Pot Replacement
  93. Thanks
  94. Fender American Series Strat Pickups?
  95. Bridge replacement suggestions for a Fender Standard Tele (MIM)
  96. Saddles for a Godin SD
  97. Taming Fret Sprout
  98. Which pickup would you use? BIGTIME Pickup quandary
  99. Need your opinions on necks for my custom Jagmaster please
  100. Vintage tuner templates?
  101. Dupli-Color Rattle Can's
  102. Floated bridge - tricks to stay in tune
  103. Telecaster ashtray bridge plate - is this normal?
  104. Fat Fully Upgrades
  105. Plugging and redrilling neck mounting screws - suggestions?
  106. Using silicone tubing to replace the p-up springs?
  107. Tele Hum grounding problem - need help
  108. Ferrule removal machine
  109. Glendale saddles for my Tele, WOW!
  110. Replaced the nut on my Fullerton ST-3 -- help
  111. Pickguards on a 60s Strat
  112. Planet Waves
  113. Stupid me - neck cracking
  114. "Relic'ing" Fender pickguards
  115. Humbucker installation
  116. I got the new pups in!!!
  117. Bridge Pickup Series/Parallel Add-in Wiring Mod
  118. Hammond tranny in Valve Jr.
  119. The mad modder strikes again
  120. Fixing a broken headstock
  121. How do you mount Humbuckers with out Rings
  122. Yay!!!! I finally got off my lazy butt :)
  123. What's Your Favorite Color, Baby?
  124. Neck mounting inserts
  125. Help - I've been playing 20 years and can't change a string!
  126. 4-way vs 5-way Tele Switch
  127. EBMM Clone first Mock Up
  128. Burr Brown 2604 Op-amps
  129. making a bass
  130. How do you change tubes on a Crate V8 Palomino
  131. Ideas for my paul...wanna help?
  132. "Micawber-ized" '06 Tele Standard
  133. Strat Project
  134. Dumble cousin
  135. An idea is giving me G.A.S.
  136. Rail humbucker Pups
  137. D@mn! Need your help....
  138. My 51 idea is solidified .....
  139. First fret action
  140. Couple of New DIY Pedals....
  141. Next up on the DIY pedal front....
  142. rewiring problems
  143. SX body, Fender neck
  144. Floyd Rose floating trem PROBLEM!
  145. G and B String
  146. Fullerton wiring question
  147. GFS pickups and reverse winding
  148. strat trem
  149. Jack problems
  150. guitar building kits
  151. Help Me Choose Pickups
  152. Cap across the volume pot
  153. Killswitch?
  154. Affordable Floys Rose replacement?
  155. Small Stone mod
  156. mod brainstorming
  157. stand up bass
  158. Electronics Assistant
  159. Shielding issue?
  160. Your Orange Drop voltages?
  161. Neck for my Deluxe Players Strat
  162. Buzzing on fret
  163. New "Cool" ZYS Clipping Mode
  164. guitar built in effects boards
  165. DIY 1/2W SS Amp
  166. Little Rebel 2W SS Amp
  167. Intimidated by DIY??
  168. Hey you master carpenters!
  169. Anyone did a carvin bolt kit?
  170. What is "bad electronics"?
  171. Build your own USB Guitar
  172. True bypass - hype?
  173. I got a complement from my setup guy
  174. Starting DIY Tube Amps, basic info
  175. Guitar fetish pre-wired pick guard
  176. Has anyone here ever recovered the tolex on your amp or speaker cabinets?
  177. New PG - What thinks you?
  178. Adding a Neck Pickup
  179. Deoxit product
  180. Any Canucks ordered from Guitarfetish ?
  181. Brass fo dat ***
  182. reverb mod on fender hrd
  183. hummm!!!!
  184. Stupid aesthetics question
  185. Are resistors directional?
  186. What would you do for cables?
  187. Online guitar site for parts
  188. winding your own pickups
  189. Would you recommend a Graph Tech nut?
  190. Set-ups - Acoustic and Electric
  191. Strat Wiring for Neck and Bridge Together
  192. Humbucker Wiring In A Strat
  193. How to trasform Fender Fat Strat Texas Special HSS? in this model....
  194. Singlecoil.com
  195. DIYguitarist.com
  196. Floyd Rose Parts
  197. strat questions
  198. acoustic bridge
  199. Gibson /Epiphone set up
  200. My 1st project build
  201. Buzzing on first fret
  202. Acoustic saddle height
  203. Steel Lap Guitar Build
  204. bruceweiart
  205. Understanding wood finishes
  206. Anyone modded a channel switcher?
  207. Ebony tailpiece
  208. Bad Pot?
  209. What do you think leave the finish or take it back to natural
  210. 4x12 Cabinet Plans
  211. Simoniz Fix-It?
  212. Ibanez tube screamer pedal
  213. Finally finished tele
  214. Make Magazine Video Tutorials
  215. How do I remove these bushings?
  216. Swapping necks on two of my Reverends!
  217. Whammy stub stuck in bridge box... help??
  218. I want to put Eminence speakers into my amp.
  219. Sears Multimeter Deal
  220. My pickups are finally going bad
  221. Wanting to strip the paint off of my old Peavey Foundation S bass
  222. Can any I do a photoshop for me on a project
  223. I'm not getting a carvin bolt kit
  224. Mmm, dat shell pink Strat.
  225. Reverse magnetic polarity in a pup?
  226. My family
  227. Floyd Rose Tuning Issue
  228. Epoxy ?
  229. Setting the intonation on a ZR trem
  230. Pickups rising out of place
  231. DIY Piezo Contact Mic
  232. Handmade Tube
  233. Tapping Either Coil of a Humbucker?
  234. "Relic Wallpaper" Squier '51
  235. Boss DS-1 Monte Allums Mod
  236. Any other ideas?
  237. BYOC Tri-Booster Pedal Kit
  238. Build your own guitar ?
  239. replacement nut for a cheapie (Fullerton) strat?
  240. Up date on my bass project
  241. Just got a Strat, annoying fret issue
  242. Modifying A Guitar To Van Halen
  243. Nashville rewire
  244. dedicated slide
  245. Strange Switch
  246. Lube Job.....
  247. Firefly 1.5W Tube Amp Build
  248. weird tone pot business going on
  249. New bass project
  250. need advice on monte allums mod