View Full Version : Vintage - what does it mean to you?

November 1st, 2005, 01:21 PM
Waht does the term "Vintage" mean to you? How old does gear need to be before it qualifies to be called "vintage"? Does it matter what kind of gear it is?

November 9th, 2005, 07:32 PM
Wow - is this a loaded question or what?!! I guess I woud probably say that it all depends on who you ask. If you were to ask a real guitar / gear afficianado, or perhaps a collector, you'd probably find that they'd both be pretty definitive in what their expectations of a "vintage" guitar or piece of gear would be. Take for instance a '58 Fender Bassman re-issue amp; in their eyes, it would not be considered a "vintage" piece of gear simply due to the fact that it was not manufactured in 1958. Even though the design is vintage, the styling is vintage, and the tone is most certainly vintage, they'd classify it as a new amp, with vintage aspirations. On the other hand, it's got everything but a 1958 owner's manual and SN#. Vintage . . . or not??!!

While mine may not be the correct line of thinking, I really don't feel that a guitar or piece of gear has to be old to be coined as a "vintage". For instance, my Classic 60's Stratocaster, and my Epiphone Valve Junior both trace their roots back to traditional vintage designs. In my world, that's about as close as I'll ever get to owning a "vintage" piece of gear.

I have to give credit to many of today's manufacturers for bringing a lot of these tried and true designs back into the market. It allows players like myself an opportunity to experience a bit of that magical, "vintage" vibe from yesteryear without having to sell the farm to get it.

So, when I plug my Stat into the VJ and start playing a little "Peggy Sue", it's almost like a time machine. My brain knows its 2005. But my ears are tellin' me its 1958. And really, I think that's what "vintage" is all about - the vibe.;)

November 10th, 2005, 01:05 PM
Isn't anything over 20 years considered classic? I know classic isn't the same as vintage though. To me...vintage means something that is old...was made during a certain time period that is supposed to have some significance. Either in popularity or quality of the product. Look at wine. Wines come in different "vintages". Depends on the grapes I guess?

I think Nelski is right though...vintage brings on a certain vibe. Perhaps certain guitars and amps take you to that place thats universal for almost everyone that's tapped into that vibe? Sort of a collective agreement that this such and such guitar is a precious commodity that one must play at least ONCE in their lifetime. OR OWN. Very interesting topic.

November 10th, 2005, 10:17 PM
you guys are right, vintage has many meanings ,for fender amps it might be argued that the vintage years were between 49-76, for gibson 52-73 , fender guitars from 51-72, because that was were the best quality or tone or mojo was .for a company like ibanez it might be much more recent, but there is still such a thing as a vintage ibanez. There are tons of websites and publications that cater to the collectors and gearheads out there , the vintage gear market has never been hotter , forbes magazine a couple of years ago did an article on vintage guitars noting the investment potential, all tied to the word vintage ..so whatever vintage is, one things for sure it aint cheap....but a great topic ...6S9L

November 13th, 2005, 05:10 PM
Heres a link to a great article on vintage guitars,,thought you might enjoy it....6S9Lhttp://www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/CA_Archives/CA_Show_Article/0,2322,570,00.html