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August 15th, 2009, 03:14 PM
Our band, The Hammer Daddies, did a short charity gig opening a waterfront festival event today. Not very well organized, parking a long haul from the stage, hot as hell.
Drummer was late. (No stereotypes there at all, eh?). But when we finally did get on, it went very well.
Because we were the first act up, there wasn't much or a crowd. But people strolling in the sunny midday stopped and many stayed, and the applause was vigorous.
I haven't played outside for years, so had forgotten how much juice you really need. Used my Mesa Lone Star as the Blues Deville is acting up. That Mesa is one loud amp, and I had it pretty much dimed. Sounded good though, especially with the Strat wide open. Used my newish Baha Tele for backup and some more country and funk stuff and the Strat for blues and rock. We did Call Me The Breeze (the Cale version, not Skynyrd), Dead Flowers, (Tele sounded great on that one), Tinsley Ellis version of Leavin Here, Bluesbreakers version of All Your Love, King Buiscuit verson of Boom Boom (Out go the lights), and a few others.
I was pleased with the chemistry and communication. Made the requisite number of clams, but we all had a few, and the crowd didn't seem to hear them or care. And the Mesa Lonestar sounds awesome dimed.
Fortunately, there was a nice breeze off the harbour, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd have melted. I was soaked through about five times.
Good outing though, makes me want more and full gigs asap.
(I've just added a link to our site, hammerdaddies.com, with some photos and nice compliments from fans who saw the show.)

just strum
August 15th, 2009, 03:22 PM
Sounds like it was fun (except the walk). What waterfront were you on? It was pretty hot here (about 90 F, 32 C) and somewhat high humidity. I guess you were pretty close to the same, eh? (couldn't resist)

August 15th, 2009, 03:41 PM
Yeah, temps were just about that. It was on Hamilton Harbour watefront at Pier 6, beside the Marine Interpretive Centre. They had a decent dolly for hauling amps, but it was baked potato city. (We enjoyed our time in Cleveland, at the hall, museum etc. Had a great dinner in the warehouse district. And it was a scorcher the Saturday we were there, early August.)
While I was pushing the dolly loaded up sweet old soul said to me, it's too bad you have to do that yourself. I said I'd given the roadies the day off. I think she thought I was serious. Oh well. (edit ... oops, almost forgot to add, eh?)