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March 26th, 2011, 08:57 PM
Ingredients:shrimp ,oysters,scallops

1-2 eggs
1 lemon
Tony C's spices,Emerill's essence, Zatarains,Cayenne red pepper ground or homegrown and dried out rista like mrmudcat:hungry
Real french bread
toms, lettuce, pickles
creole mustard,or Blueplate mayo or Hellmans no other substitutes allowed ( lemon juice dill hot sauce added)

Ok this Mudcat special is real simplified both cooking and the way its presented here. I am not as refined as Kim :socool (childbride) Adjust recipe to your taste and spin, catfish nuggets and or mudbug tail only pieces(no not my boys tails but crawdads crayfish whateva ya call them where ya from ) alligator,frog legs for example can be added or substituted panko crumbs etc.etc.. No measuring and use a cast iron skillet.Use deepfryer if you prefer,but personally cast iron is king.

Prepare your bowls: 1st bowl flour, spices, cayenne,sea salt (1st bowl)

Second bowl:whole eggs (not just wimpy whites) hot sauce(Louisiana's ,Crystal's or Texas Pete's or your favorite brand) ,buttermilk

Third bowl: cornmeal, spices ,cayenne, sea salt

Wash seafood with cold water, pat dry, or lay on papertowl before frying, season with spices, seasalt, If shrimp/prawns are fresh or flash frozen shell on I shell ,cut heads off, and devien(essential: no poop shoot for Mud:thwap) and butterfly if time allows. I told ya I am not as refined as kim:bootyshake

Ready, set, go........get skillet hot cook with your favorite oil, olive oil non virgin in my case since the 80's.......tee, hee (extra virgin is more for salads and fancy food mostly Italian in Muds house.) add garlic right before seafood so garlic dosen't burn (bitter) :french

Dip seafood(seasoned) in flour mixture(bowl 1) then bowl 2 then bowl 3 add to pan gently and remember only turn once and don't overcrowd the pool:rollover. You can also bread then put in the freezer fridge 10-15 mins. beforehand,to help breading stay on while frying.(turning only once, gently works for me I use my numb fingers) Yea I know my picking hand:rockya

Fry 3-4 minutes each side for oysters, scallops should be white translucent 3-4 mins. each side, for shrimp a little longer 5-6 mins. or pink and translucent if the tails start to curl up if not butterflied your late to the party so hurry and remove (Do not overcook and cook to death like a lot of people do) or overcrowd ,cook in batches and add pieces quickly to keep the batches consistent dry on p.towel.

Cut the baguette in half atleast a foot long piece:cool:

Add spread creole mustard, lettuce, toms, picks or in Muds house authentic Blue Plate mudcat mayo spread.Put as much seafood on as ya can, serve with fav Beer,Sweet tea or whatever ya like to drink.Oh yea turn on the Nascar race.......JR.NATION in Muds house............100% pure Mudcat Redneck approved!!! A great substitute for Nascar if not cooking these for the race is of course some sweet Zydeco and or Blues music with lots of pretty girls who call ya sugah and lots of beer!!! In my case it is my wife,and yes she is hawt and of course I make her call me sugah,honey ,baby sometimes all of them at once and a big mason jar of sweet tea!! The boys handle the music part and the pretty girls for now!!!!!

Remember if ya don't get none on ya, you have seriously screwed up my recipe:bootyshake

One thing that is important to me and no offense to anyone here.Shrimp has to be fresh Gulf of Mexico (Florida,Mississippi ,Louisiana ,Texas) Bay scallops and Oysters also fresh wild caught and fresh Louisiana crawdads whenever possible.Farm raised USA catfish scallops oysters shrimp crawfish are also great best choice viable options whenever possible. I personally hate frozen,and or imported seafood. I know alot of seafood is flash frozen at sea and thats fine. Walmart China,Chile etc.,etc. imported product seafood is not me.Nothing personal or political. I am passionate about Enviromently safe and sustainable seafood practices. Please visit www.montereybayaquarium.org for more info under save the oceans header:cool:

Saving our wetlands is another passion of mine and my boys!! www.ducks.org

Peace & Luv Fo-Sho.......Mud

Thanks to some Fret friends , whom I have never met,my boys and my angel and last but definitely first GOD for giving me the strength to write this recipe.

March 27th, 2011, 12:01 AM
Diggin' the recipe, Muddy! Can't beat a bood po' boy, fo' sho'!

March 27th, 2011, 12:15 AM
Do not spill any part of this food onto your forehead, as your tongue will beat you to death tryin' to get at it!


March 27th, 2011, 10:13 AM
Muddy, I read this to Shiner first thing this morning, and he said promptly

'so that's what you're making for supper, right?' [lol... have just printed recipe]

will let you know how my first attempt goes. :socool

will keep the flame burning, bro...

peace and love, fo' sho!
[:bootyshake back atcha]

March 27th, 2011, 11:59 AM
I am on top of my own po-boy's ,getting ready for the race!!!:hungry The boys are playing some really slow blues.My 15 y.o. Chance is coming along nice on rhythm. Cameron my youngest is also becoming a good drummer boy.I might grab a harmonica after the race and throw down proper!! Not sure if i'll be able to move after supper:zzz

Tickets to the race $500
Po-boy sandwiches $100
Staying home with family cooking and watching the race with my angel and jamming with my boys...


March 27th, 2011, 07:29 PM

Shiner took this pic before i slathered pickles on my sammich.

divine. Muddy, hats off to you, my friend. :hungry

i have never cooked my own scallops, and was very scared, after watching gordon ramsey chuck at peeps right and left on hell's kitchen about them.

and frankly, my weapon of choice is nearly always an old wok i have, and not an iron skillet...

i used peanut oil instead of olive oil.

the recipe is really easy and functional if you prefab all of your stations ahead of time.

i channelled my inner muddy when it came to the proportions on the bowls and the mayo/mustard/dill/lemon seasoning... go heavy on the seasoning, i did not add salt to anything. [i am anti sodium b/c i am on bp meds] the seasonings and the hot sauce will light up your nostrils.

if you use peanut oil and cast iron, go low on your heat, or you will overly brown your seafood.

we had no fresh oysters at market today, so i had to use shrimp, scallops, and catfish nuggets.

i recommend, if you are cooking for two, two large bay scallops per person, two butterflied shrimp per person, and two catfish nuggets per person, if you are using fish instead of oysters.

i used organic baby spinach instead of lettuce, b/c that's just what we use for lettuce here. and i am a hellman's girl, Muddy. :D the rest of the spices, just as recommended.

the sandwich is so huge i couldn't smoosh it. i ended up after about three bites just eating the guts out and leaving the bread.

the layers of flavors are wonderful.

Muddy, you are da man. :socool:bootyshake

March 27th, 2011, 08:20 PM
That looks divine......and frankly just looking at the colors I know ya nailed it.........did shiner make ya call him sugah or visa versa :socool

I hope he had some
Shiner Bock on tap:rollover

Organic spinach is great and I have been on the organic wagon before it was cool......If it wasnt so expensive 90% instead of 70% of my groceries would be organic, free range, all natural, no hormones,no antibiotics.......etc. etc. My eggs and garlic were organic in the recipe!! I dont add salt to anything and if I do it is kosher sea salt .( lower sodium) Oils I use are olive ,peanut,flaxseed and or canola.
The spices used has plenty of sodium so I agree no salt needed!!!

Traditional southern cuisine is hard to do healthy and taste good but it can be achieved!!! Just look at kims picture and if that dosen't do it for ya go back to ya tofu, rabbit food:dance:rollover

peace & luv fo-sho


March 27th, 2011, 08:29 PM
That looks divine......and frankly just looking at the colors I know ya nailed it.........did shiner make ya call him sugah:socool

Ihope he had some shinerblock on tap:rollover

peace & luv fo-sho


Shiner is having 12 string week. he's playing in the other room as we speak. last week was mando week. :D

he calls me sugah for a whole LOT of reasons, ma friend. :socool

oof, i can't even move i'm so full.

we had a bit of the beverage at supper and are now just enjoying playing before bedtime.

peace and luv fo-sho, my brother,

March 28th, 2011, 08:28 PM
Saw that on the Facebooks. Wow, that looks good. Beyond the Friday fish fries up here, we don't get much for seafood without paying an arm and a leg. Next time I'm in Waco, I'm inviting myself over, CB :)

March 28th, 2011, 08:48 PM
Saw that on the Facebooks. Wow, that looks good. Beyond the Friday fish fries up here, we don't get much for seafood without paying an arm and a leg. Next time I'm in Waco, I'm inviting myself over, CB :)

you, sir, get the deluxe treatment. Shiner's exact quote was that "you would get spoiled so many ways that one of them has to be good."

between the two of us, we can cook a symphony. and the guitar playing would be marvelous. i just have to get a guitar that is more p'inty. :)

March 31st, 2011, 10:51 AM
Well that just made me hungry..............