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September 9th, 2011, 07:10 PM
To quote directly from THIS PAGE (http://duhvoodooman.com/pedal_inquiry.htm) on my website:

"Yep, it's true--I've made the decision to stop selling pedals for a variety of personal reasons that I won't bore you with. But that DOESN'T necessarily mean that you can't get one of the great sounding DVM pedals you may have heard in an internet video demo and come here looking for! The vast majority of my customers have purchased one of two of my pedals--the Zonkin' Yellow Screamer Mark II (http://duhvoodooman.com/miscimages/musical/zys_mkII.htm) or the Rabid Rodent (http://duhvoodooman.com/miscimages/musical/RRv2.htm). So if you came to this page looking for information on one of those, read on....

As I was seeking to reduce the amount of my personal time that was being spent on pedal building, I was able to locate an experienced electronics tech who took over the actual pedal assembly work from me for the last few months. He has successfully built many DVM pedals using the same materials and circuit designs that I used myself, and my customers who received these pedals have been very happy with them. Indeed, they are functionally indistinguishable from the pedals that I built personally. Same pedals, same features, same great tone.

I have now crafted an agreement with this individual whereby he will continue to build and sell the ZYS and the Rodent. The difference is that now, I will not be involved in any way with the ordering, building and shipping process. All your dealings will be directly with this person, including any needed post-sales support. All matters of pricing, payment and delivery terms & conditions will go through him. My only role will be to forward to him any pedal inquiries I receive, and I take no responsibility beyond that point. But after having worked with him for a few months now, I can assure you that this is a highly competent, conscientious and trustworthy individual. I fully expect that you will be just as satisfied with a pedal purchased from him as you would be with one from me. And as stated above, it will be built to my defined specifications per the agreement he and I have made."

Now as it happens, the person I'm referring to happens to be one of TheFret.net's own, mapka (http://www.thefret.net/member.php/11442-mapka), a.k.a. Mark Snyder. You can contact him here by PM, or his e-mail address is shown on the the page I linked at the beginning of this post.

My thanks to all here who have supported me in this endeavor these past several years, either by buying one of my boxes or with words of encouragement. I want to especially thank Robert for using some of my pedals in his excellent videos--there's nothing as effective as a first-rate player demoing your equipment in a professionally done video. I enjoyed more pedal sales to players who saw one of his videos and liked what they heard than by any other means. Here's to ya, RR! :dude :beer: :bravo:

September 9th, 2011, 09:38 PM
Cool Vood - glad to hear my videos worked!

Glad to hear also Mapka is keeping the DVM legacy alive... :dude - rock on!

September 12th, 2011, 12:34 AM
Wow I bet the pile of gadgets you build for yourself is going to grow now! Are you still thinking of trying out some non-BYOC projects for yourself? I've been working on a small pile of different tonepad and madbean projects over the last few months and have a new appreciation for "kits" with all the right bits in a bag.