View Full Version : Need a drummer (computer or real)

NC Zeppelin
August 14th, 2012, 06:35 PM
Hey guys, ive been wanting to make a solo project of dazed and confused by the famous zeppelin for years now, and have everything i need for it. vocals, bass, guitar, the wah, everything. i know some in studio engineering and will be mixing it personally, but i have no drums. ive asked my drummer friends to help but they wont take me serious nor take the time to sit down and help record, sadly. any drummer care help for a cover? i hate using guitar pro drums, just takes the emotion right out the song. if anyone wants something to do, bored, or just hear a recording no has heard before, i need a solo drum recording of the original. just play along the original but record the drums. that is all. will post full product. any help for a guy who just wants his dreams to come true, and others. i swear not to slaughter the original, i hate it enough as you guys do when you see under rated versions of the song. Rock on.