View Full Version : Recorded a new song: retro sci-fi theme called "The Invasion of Mayberry"

October 1st, 2012, 06:27 PM
Hi Everyone,

I've been working on my composing skills as of late, trying to write new things in different styles and using more instrumentation to get better at writing and arranging overall.
I've been giving myself assignments for different projects just to keep myself focused on coming up with something new.

One of my recent assignments was to write something in the style of the old TV shows and movies that I enjoyed as a kid (Twilight Zone, Ghost and Mr Chicken, James Bond, Green Acres, etc) So I spent some time researching the instrumentation used for some of these themes and tried to write something in that style. I was a lot of fun to work on this, and quite a lot of work, but I learned a lot in the process. For this theme I imagined that the year was 1965 and the town of Mayberry was just visited by an alien space craft, where Barney Fife was dispatched to investigate.

Here is a link to the song if you would like to hear it. It's called "The Invasion of Mayberry"

Thanks, --Jim Pfeifer