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Brian Krashpad
November 2nd, 2013, 09:48 AM
So, like a decade ago I briefly met Davey Tiltwheel, who posts (or postED) at Harmony-Central as "Fling The Poo" or some such, at a gig his band Tiltwheel was playing here in Gainesville. Tiltwheel is or was a bicoastal band, operating both out of San Diego, CA, and Tampa, FL. I'm not sure whether Crash Pad was on the bill with Tiltwheel or whether I just happened to have gone to the show.

I'm pretty sure Tiltwheel or one of Davey's other/subsequent bands played a show here in Gainesville that I also went to, a few years after that first brief meeting, but I don't think I got a chance to talk to Davey, because after their set he went out to their van and passed out.

Because Davey is a LOT more punk rock than I am.

Anyhow, this week is THE FEST here in Gainesville. But Crash Pad isn't big enough to get an official Fest gig. However, we are playing on the last day of Fest (tomorrow, Sunday), at a Fest venue (it's Official shows that are/were part of the Fest are tonight and last night), free show, outdoors, so it should be fun because it's right downtown and there should be a ton of punk rockers there.

Due to a booking snafu, Crash Pad originally was supposed to open at high noon, but fortunately we just got bumped up to the middle of the bill. We'll be playing right NEXT to...

wait fer it...

Davey Tiltwheel!

What are the odds of that? In addition to Davey this is a KILLER bill, especially the uncredited headliners, who are a legendary local band that most people into teh punk rock will have heard of.

So, I'm stoked.

See ya.


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Über cool!