View Full Version : Feed your good microbes!

November 6th, 2013, 11:41 AM
Yesterday, early morning on NPR, there was a segment about the microbes we have in our digestive system.
Expert said there are good ones and bad ones, and the larger the proportion of bad, the more likely you are to experience medical problems.

It turns out that folks eating a good amount of the foods below have a greater proportion of the good microbes in their system:

- garlic
- onions
- leeks
- whole grains in general

Not sure, it would appear that onions, garlic and leeks belong to the same general family, perhaps?

Easy enough though.
Start baking these stuffed onions!

I should add that my mom used to serve boiled, split leeks, lukewarm, with a bit of mayonnaise on the side, as an appetizer. Tasty! Does not work with supermarket leeks that look like small trees though... too big!