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October 13th, 2008, 08:56 PM
Hiya, all! I've been a little AWOL lately, but still keeping with the music.

After being out of the business for about 15 years, I jumped back in again with both feet -- and into two separate projects! Keeps me pretty busy :AOK: , but keeps me away from here. :(

Project one is a cover band that's run a few rough spots. It's been hit-or-miss for the most part, although the guitar work has been well done. One of the guitarists kinda faded out recently, and we auditioned someone else this weekend. He's different, but still good, and brings a different type of energy to the mix. Plus he sings, and well, which has been somewhat of a drawback so far. After having jammed together for a few months and falling into a rut, there may now be a future for the group after all. The plan is to gig out once or twice a month, which is ok by me.

The second project is something I've never been involved with before -- a band that does mostly originals, with cover renditions. The guitarist has a number of tunes he's written, and they sound pretty nice as we do them. I kinda like doing this project, because I can let loose and put things into the arrangements that I feel. In some ways it's more challenging, because I have to pull it all out of thin air or work out fills on my own, rather than just copying what someone else has done. We did our fisrt gig a couple weekends ago, an opening set with another local progressive rock jam band. First time I've been on stage in 15 years. YEAH!!!

Both groups have individuals who've done some pretty deep stuff in the past, more than I'd ever done, working with some influential artists in the 80s. But we're all a little older now . . . no delusions of grandeur, but still having fun.

Probably I'll keep updating my site with happenings and links to the bands, even some video. Funny thing is, I haven't had a GAS attack for a while. I had some extra cash this past week and went around to the different music stores to see what caught my fancy. Nothing. My amp setup works fine and has lots of power for the gigs we're looking at doing (and have done), but I don't have any kind of "dream" setup in mind. And my basses are top quality, as far as I'm concerned. So what else do I really need?

Sure isn't what I thought I'd be doing again when I got that cheap acoustic 7 years ago!