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Dee's guitar-making/modding projects blog

I'll be posting my guitar-tweak & build projects here now.

  1. Yamaha shredder to hardtail dee-construction

    by , January 24th, 2012 at 09:18 AM (Dee's guitar-making/modding projects blog)
    I got bored with the Floyd on my Yamaha...and the guitar needs a complete work-over I ordered a Gibson-style wraparound-bridge and I'll do the Davette thing on the out the Floyd, carve a large opening in its place and glue in a big block of new wood...plane it nice and install a fixed bridge. Sand down and slightly V-shapify the neck, re-shape the headstock, sand and re-finish the entire body. Actually cover the front entirely with aluminum.

    Heres' what happens: ...