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  1. davewrites's Avatar
    Yeah, I was cruising a pedal 'n' effects page and found dozens of great examples, many from Way Huge.

    Ultimately, I pitched the pedals as honourable mentions for 2 reasons: (1) they're not guitar parts or techniques, they're accessories and (2) unlike the top-10 list, pedal names are deliberate innuendoes. I was shooting for accidental humour when jargon loses context.

    Imagine if you were talking about guitars in a public place and someone overheard you say "firmly plucking my G-string" or "a warm brown sound from my single coils."
  2. mrmudcat's Avatar
    way huge swollen pickle ....gotta love that one or way huge echo puss..............
  3. davewrites's Avatar
    For reasons that should be self-explanatory, more honourable mentions for pedal-related jargon like Big Muff, Big Muff Pi, tube screamer and wet chorus.
  4. davewrites's Avatar
    I almost bought a Racer X strap. I had a black one in my shopping cart for quite awhile.

    After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I settled on these two:
    1. Vintage Cadillac Sunburst, which is tremendously supple and destined for my future purchase of a Hell Bender.
    2. Western Guitar Strap in black (not brown), which also happened to be the last black one they had in stock! It's currently attached to my black No. 2.

    ...and for my wife's Canon DSLR, I bought this camera strap, which is a magnet for questions and compliments.

    All Couch products are high quality and they're a pleasant company to deal with, just like Hell Guitars . And despite being a confirmed carnivore, I also appreciate Couch's vegan/recycling angle. Integrity is integral to business.
  5. Ch0jin's Avatar
    I couldn't overlook your mention of Couch straps. I have two and I love them!

    This one gets comments regularly.

    I also have one of the seat belt straps in olive for my Hell ZeroDot. The seatbelt material is slippery, so don't use them on neck heavy guitars, but for flinging my ZD around it's amazing!

    I totally relate to you post too. Although my last two purchases are from the early '60's so they ain't exactly "clean"
  6. Tig's Avatar
    I'm the opposite. I have to force myself to practice or start a lesson. I have unread books and partially watched lesson DVD's. Perhaps the long nights of working hard have made me want to enjoy my free time in a less structured way. Someday, I'll develop the discipline to practice. I know it would help me quite a bit.

    In the mean time, I'll be playing or improvising over a backing track or song.