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    What is a Dominant 7 Arpeggio?

    This is one of many ways to play a dominant 7 arpeggio (major third, minor 7th).

    If you raise the 7th to a major 7th, you have a major

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    Easy arpeggio exercise

    Nice little exercise!

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    Illness at home

    All my sincere condoleances dear Robert, I'm deeply sad about these news. I will keep you in my prayers !

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    Illness at home

    On December 26, she earned her wings.

    It’s been a long fight and she never gave up.

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    Better-Than-Black-Friday: 8 Hour Private Flash Sale

    As a way of saying thank you to forum members, we are making available an exclusive promo code good for Buy One, Get One Free Pricing plus an additional

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    holiday wishes

    Hey, nice to hear from you guys. Thanks a lot for listening. The rig here is a couple of PRS guitars (Singlecut for chords, ce24 for melody) into a line6

    helliott January 19th, 2020, 04:51 PM Go to last post
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