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    Line 6 put out a new amp in the Helix 2.8 firmware update, called the Fullerton, intended to honour early combo amps with the Fender logo. Available in normal, bright and jump (jumped cables combining both). When I first heard it I thought it was fine, but then in the next update they added a...

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  • Can you vote for me in this contest?

    I am entered into Truefire's "Next Top Guitar Instructor" contest. You can now VOTE for me at Truefire!

    Just head on over to http://bit.ly/vote-renman

    The more people I can get to vote for me, the better. HINT - Spread the word! Your vote will only count once per week. You will need to register in order to vote.

    I submit 5 lessons for 5 weeks, and we are now on week 1.

    Hope you like the lessons too!

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    1. Spudman's Avatar
      Spudman*** -
      Voted! Good luck.
    1. Tig's Avatar
      Tig*** -
      Voted for this week.
    1. tjcurtin1's Avatar
      tjcurtin1 -
      Done - good lesson as always - Best of luck!
    1. Robert's Avatar
      Robert**** -
      Thanks a lot, You's!
    1. cebreez's Avatar
      cebreez -
      Loved the lesson! Thanks Robert! Votes in!!
    1. Spudman's Avatar
      Spudman*** -
      Their system let me vote 2 times!
    1. Robert's Avatar
      Robert**** -
      Thanks guys!

      I'm told the vote only counts once per week
    1. Brian Krashpad's Avatar
      Brian Krashpad -

      Break a leg!
    1. Jipes's Avatar
      Jipes*** -
      Done hope it works !
    1. sunvalleylaw's Avatar
      sunvalleylaw -
      Done! Thanks for all your work! Least I can do is vote for you. Good luck!
    1. helliott's Avatar
      helliott*** -
      voted. good luck
    1. Robert's Avatar
      Robert**** -
      Thank you very much for the support.
    1. Tig's Avatar
      Tig*** -
      Voted in week 2, lesson 2.
      Remember to vote each week, peeps!