• Can you vote for me in this contest?

      I am entered into Truefire's "Next Top Guitar Instructor" contest. You can now VOTE for me at Truefire!

      Just head on over to http://bit.ly/vote-renman

      The more people I can get to vote for me, the better. HINT - Spread the word! Your vote will only count once per week. You will need to register in order to vote.

      I submit 5 lessons for 5 weeks, and we are now on week 1.

      Hope you like the lessons too!

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      1. Spudman's Avatar
        Spudman*** -
        Voted! Good luck.
      1. Tig's Avatar
        Tig*** -
        Voted for this week.
      1. tjcurtin1's Avatar
        tjcurtin1 -
        Done - good lesson as always - Best of luck!
      1. Robert's Avatar
        Robert**** -
        Thanks a lot, You's!
      1. cebreez's Avatar
        cebreez -
        Loved the lesson! Thanks Robert! Votes in!!
      1. Spudman's Avatar
        Spudman*** -
        Their system let me vote 2 times!
      1. Robert's Avatar
        Robert**** -
        Thanks guys!

        I'm told the vote only counts once per week
      1. Brian Krashpad's Avatar
        Brian Krashpad -

        Break a leg!
      1. Jipes's Avatar
        Jipes*** -
        Done hope it works !
      1. sunvalleylaw's Avatar
        sunvalleylaw -
        Done! Thanks for all your work! Least I can do is vote for you. Good luck!
      1. helliott's Avatar
        helliott*** -
        voted. good luck
      1. Robert's Avatar
        Robert**** -
        Thank you very much for the support.
      1. Tig's Avatar
        Tig*** -
        Voted in week 2, lesson 2.
        Remember to vote each week, peeps!