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Designed a shape for 'wings'

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Here's how I thought I'd shape the 'wings'.

It's shaped so that the neck will sit the same as in strat both sitting and standing, i.e. the strap buttons are in the same positions over the fretboard & as far back.
It looks smaller than it is because at this point the neck is way wider than it'll be when done...same size as a strat, really.
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  1. deeaa's Avatar
    Hm, now that I see the shape from a distance, so to speak, the underside of the upper horn and the topside of the lower back, and also conversely the upper side of lower horn and upper back's lower side _almost_ form straight lines. Would it not be pretty sweet to have the lines continue throughout the body?

    Also, I really like the way the front horns are now shaped - exactly the same as the headstock will be, knife end shaped, and sort of like scissors opening - BUT I'm not yet sold on the back end of the axe. Maybe the 'scoop' at the back should be shallower, or maybe even not there at all, just a round back as in a strat. But that'd make it look pretty heavy.

    What I'm mostly gearing towards right now is maybe making the back end non-symmetrical with a sloping line exactly like on Explorers. Hmm, yeah that could work...I suppose I'll have to cut out a couple of optional shapes and have a poll here.