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Alright; seems I've settled with the star shape. Here's the fretboard glued in place and radiused and the neck part laid over the bottom veneer with the shape marking. Also the headstock shape now visible; the same knife shape repeats in the body.

The body will be built much like an acoustic, but with ~1" thick maple sides and the neck-thru, but anyway hollow with birch veneers on both sides. I'll try to bend the veneer on the top star horn to give it a nice curvature.

I'm still a bit hazy on the body construction, but I figure I'll come up with solutions as I go along :-) I will have to plan for the control cavity and for a volume knob...no tone...will have 1 bucker obviously and a single at neck, but housed in a bucker cover so it'll look 2-bucker...the gibson style switch I will install most likely in the upper horn. Jack plate (straight square) will probably be located on the topside of the lower horn where from it'll be easy to run the lead over the strap end. Will need to leave enough room for a possible EMG PA-2 to augment the Tesla active pups...and, damn, I need to order a 9V battery compartment for easy access to battery from the outside.
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  1. groverj3's Avatar
    Very cool! I like that body shape a lot. What scale is the fretboard? It looks short to me, and only 22 frets. However, I like the fact that you're going for neck-thru. Are going to try to minimize the heel like most neck-thru guitar makering companies do?
  2. deeaa's Avatar
    Thanks! Yes there will be no heel at all really...it's the same all the way to the end of ftretboard. I changed the material today, it will be all birch for the body but fully chambered.

    It's gibson scale.