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Another angle

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OK, here's the whole thing from another angle.

Clearly shown the body wood and the overlaying veneer...there will be another veneer for the back, but not with maple showing, all intact from the back. I'll contour the edges some and they will be black, thinking of some kind of sunburst. Although white binding would be super cool too..only, that might be a bit much to try to learn how to do.

The body wood also has all cavities done, plus most of the wire routes...now I will have to finish those routes and all, and start glueing the body together. I'll glue the body first sans the center neck part, though, and glue the center in last...will have to make it real tight, though. Still, I can finish both pretty much separately and lacquer them too and glue them in only before the final touches and lacquers.
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  1. deeaa's Avatar
    Oops the pic:

  2. Eric's Avatar
    That's looking pretty cool. I'm guessing you'll be putting 2 x EMG 85 in there?
  3. deeaa's Avatar
    85 + SA was my first choice, yeah but I scored a Tesla set instead that should sound similar to 85...so I'll test those first. Hopefully they work just as well...at least they were cheap, I paid only 30€ for two used complete with pots! Te cheapest 85 I could find was 45€ used each.
  4. Eric's Avatar
    How are you going to handle the back/sides? More magic marker, or something different?
  5. deeaa's Avatar
    Black. The sides I'll just level and fill in and sand real nice, and paint 'em black, and the idea is to have some sort of sunburst type effect with the black sides, so the green will only show in the centre, gradually fading to black at the edge. But, I don't know yet how to best achieve that effect without too obvious lines of change. Probably will try to do it with sprayed clearcoat and transparent black spray, we'll see how I can manage...:-)