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Short video of the guitar with the strings on for the 1st time

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Lots of issues to deal with still. LOTS. Not to mention the neck still being hugely thick, there's a gazillion little details to worry about, fret ends etc. and there's a couple of high frets as well still. Can't seem to get them properly seated, I'll have to remove and make sure there's nothing in the groove, probably there is something.

Then it's a lot of sanding and such as well, the saddle and whatnot. Drilling some holes for controls etc. etc...

There's a couple of design flaws apparent now as well...I shaped the headstock too small after all, I guess I was a bit too aggressive with sanding it to form :-) anyway, it works fine, just that 1/3" wider the strings would space better on it. Just a visual thing, though.

Also, the neck 'joint' area - although it is a neck-thru, is a tad too weak I fear. It holds well now but I'm not sure I'd ever dare to put an 11 set on it or such...pretty thin wood there holding it all together.

I've had enough of the project for a little while now I think...I'll leave it stringed up, high frets and all, and see if it settles any and if the neck seems to hold the tuning at least...there's so much more to do now I don't know where to continue, really, and haven't got the enthusiasm just now. No doubt it'll come back soon enough, but just now I'm feeling like I've been putting off band stuff and whatnot largely because of this guitar project, so a bit of a break is in order.

I'll report back when I get something new done to it again :-)
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  1. Eric's Avatar
    Even though there's still much to do, that's impressive nonetheless. Certainly something I couldn't do at this point.
  2. deeaa's Avatar
    Thanks...but, I don't think it's anything you could not do. It's just a matter of starting, learning from your mistakes and pushing onward. I for once believe most anybody can build most anything, it's just a matter of effort invested and available tools and materials.

    Here's a new vid...I installed the frets a little better; I worked on them until they were so level it's got a nice action already without any leveling or dressing; saves a lot of work later to set them real carefully.

    The neck is pretty much in final shape/thickness, didn't make it superthin, but it's not thick either.
    Next step - just a WHOLE lot of sanding and finishing to do...sheesh, my hands are already hurting just from anticipation :-)