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It's Ok, not a bad player at all, but even though only slightly, still the neck heaviness bothers me.

Furthermore, it still needs a little fret work, at the minumum a re-crown as after leveling some spots are far too wide.

Remains to be seen if it after that 'wakes up' better in upper registers, now it doesn't really sing and have a great sustain to speak of in the upmost registers. Same thing that's noticeable on my Squire vs. the custom made strat; the strat really sings all the way to the end while the squire screams but doesn't sing so beautifylly and with such sustain. This also lacks in that department. It just sounds too dead there...likely both the fret condition and the neck-thru design eats away the liveliness and ringing sustain you get from strats with tremolos.
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  1. syo's Avatar
    ARRgggh! I just wrote a more in depth post and inadvertently clicked off the page and lost it. Anyway, the quick version...

    That's terrific deeaa! It may not be singing just as you wish right now, but it's definitely singing. I'm impressed!
  2. LeadedEL84's Avatar
    What guitar? I couldn't look away from the wallpaper! LOL
  3. Duffy's Avatar
    One with a big a** explorer body would be really cool. And I bet you could do a good job of it.