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The 40-Year-Old Music Virgin

Day 1 - Lesson 1...

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Noble me, I literally started from scratch. I did not fast forward through the pre-lessons like "the parts of the guitar" or "the names of the strings." In recognition of this miracle, I may change my handle to Saint David.

Early comments about Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar program:
  • Outstanding production value
  • Nice balance between high-level concepts and low-level details
  • Steve Krenz is a genuinely nice guy and his voice is well suited for instruction
  • Appreciate the tips or things to master before moving to the next lesson

Early observations about me:
  • This process will test my patience more than any innate musical talent I may have
  • I prefer naming strings by number and not by letter (e.g., calling it the 1st string instead of the E string), which may help alternate tunings
  • I'm really inconsistent with the thumb on my fret hand
  • I hold a pick properly but it still feels unnatural
  • I already have calluses and hand fatigue is not a problem
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