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The 40-Year-Old Music Virgin

Day 13: My first "real" challenge...

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Ties and dots.


Ties and dots.

I get it. They're simple concepts, but this is the first music notation that made me roll my eyes and want to go to bed early.

I've had minimal difficulty with whole, half, quarter and eighth notes writhing up, down and across the staff. It's cool. It's an alphabet. There's a natural flow and familiarity. These are notes/letters forming riff/words... but now I have to deal with these accents--these ties and dots modifying my precious letters.

I may start tapping my foot.


And, yes, I'm fully aware that this isn't the most difficult leg of my journey. I assume this is the first breaking point for students and it must be hell for players with arrhythmia.

Well, it's time to prove I'm the wheat worth saving and not the chaff.

Bring• It^ On•

P.S. I'm also fully aware that, in six months' time, I will re-read this post and laugh my effin' @$$ off.