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The 40-Year-Old Music Virgin

Day 16: Just in case you're wondering...

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I am reading Gary Marcus' Guitar Zero. In fact, I finished it tonight.

It's an excellent read for a middle-aged analyst and guitar enthusiast like myself. The book offers enormous insight into how we learn, how our brains re-wire themselves, how music affects us, music history, theories, studies, observations, anecdotes, opinions...

I read a digital copy on my iPhone. This was also a new experience for me and, surprisingly, not unpleasant. I was a hardcover guy, now I'm sold on iBooks. I don't have to worry about clutter or waste and I can maintain an entire library on my phone—astonishing schtuff technology is.

Anyways, I recommend the book to any adult struggling to take their guitar game to the next level. Why? It provided this 40-year-old Music Virgin with a tremendous amount of hope. I'm inspired to work hard, if not harder, on my lesson plan.

[spoiler alert]

To sum up Gary Marcus' thesis: learning an instrument at a young age does offer tremendous advantages, but they're mostly due to a child's lifestyle (e.g., ample free time, pre-existing academic focus, comfort level with repetition). There is no proof that, as an adult, I'm handicapped... unless I don't have the time to commit, the will to push myself and the focus to stay on course.

It's time to prove Gary right. It's time to kick some axe!