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The 40-Year-Old Music Virgin

Day 27: Reflections on a clean axe...

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One of the easiest and most expensive ways to motivate yourself and practice more is (you guessed it!) buy a new guitar.

Justifications for the investment:
  • you can't wait to pick it up and hold it
  • you want to play it non-stop
  • it's more comfortable/easier to play than your current guitar
  • it provides a better tonal range for expressing yourself musically
  • you haven't purchased a new guitar in almost 5 years
  • this is the Summer you turn 40
  • you recently received a promotion at work
  • a guitar for life costs less than what your wife spends on her hair in 6 months
  • it totally matches your Couch guitar strap
  • the Sun came up this morning

So now I'm the proud owner of a black No. 2 from Hell Guitars. It's been 2 weeks and all the above bullet points still apply. It's an odd honeymoon phase as I'm experiencing a blend of procrastination and dedication. This feels like a selfish, spontaneous decision that's paying short- and long-term dividends in my quest to achieve Guitar Chef status.

The Germans probably have a word for this ironic sensation, like verschtüpenlützeffekt.


  1. Ch0jin's Avatar
    I couldn't overlook your mention of Couch straps. I have two and I love them!

    This one gets comments regularly.

    I also have one of the seat belt straps in olive for my Hell ZeroDot. The seatbelt material is slippery, so don't use them on neck heavy guitars, but for flinging my ZD around it's amazing!

    I totally relate to you post too. Although my last two purchases are from the early '60's so they ain't exactly "clean"
  2. davewrites's Avatar
    I almost bought a Racer X strap. I had a black one in my shopping cart for quite awhile.

    After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I settled on these two:
    1. Vintage Cadillac Sunburst, which is tremendously supple and destined for my future purchase of a Hell Bender.
    2. Western Guitar Strap in black (not brown), which also happened to be the last black one they had in stock! It's currently attached to my black No. 2.

    ...and for my wife's Canon DSLR, I bought this camera strap, which is a magnet for questions and compliments.

    All Couch products are high quality and they're a pleasant company to deal with, just like Hell Guitars . And despite being a confirmed carnivore, I also appreciate Couch's vegan/recycling angle. Integrity is integral to business.