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  1. Holiday Sitewide Price Drop + 2 for 1 Pricing On Now

    For the Holidays, we’re dropping prices sitewide to make gift-giving a little easier. :)

    Additionally, all straps on the site are available at 2 for 1 pricing. Just enter the code on this page...
  2. Win Two Craftsman-Made Leather Guitar Straps!

    Sign up HERE and be automatically entered to win two guitar straps or bass straps of your choice!

    Drawing held on the last day of every month.
    Thanks from all of us at Italia Leather Straps!
  3. The New Leather Color Customers Have Requested For Years

    We're very pleased to announce the addition of a new leather color to our catalog! Sunrise is a beautiful warm tan that complements a wide variety of guitars and basses...especially acoustic and...
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