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Thread: Birdseye maple neck stability?

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    Default Birdseye maple neck stability?

    I've heard recently that this is such an issue Fender and G&L have shortened the length of their warranties on birdseye maple necks (indeed, G&L's site now states a 90 day warranty. On a neck?!!?).

    I have had an ASAT Special with a birdseye maple neck & fretboard since 2003. In New England. In New England through 6 winters, summers, etc. The neck is one of the "bi-cut" necks G&L used to do (they would cut the neck down the middle, insert the truss rod, then glue it back together. To increase neck strength. I believe stopping the practice was a cost-cutting measure, I can't be sure). In fact, in 6 years the guitar has needed one set up. The action barely crept up over a very long span of time.

    I've also read stabilty isn't an issue if the neck wood has been properly aged and dried. Which I would imagine G&L would do.

    Or is this a 10 year/20 year down the road problem, and the necks just start warping/twisting/whatever? I'd hate to lose my #1 guitar> I'd hoped we be together for another few decades.

    So what's the real deal? Anyone have any solid information? Personal anecdotes? I'd love to know for sure.

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    I have never heard of this being a problem with these necks from a personal standpoint . My opinion is as long as it is properly cared for you will enjoy it for years...........:

    They are from the harder maple spieces,and just as strong as any maple neck.

    Warpage will happen more in birdseye as opposed to regular maple necks,but as I said if taken care of(case,proper hum idity levels etc etc) you should have no problems!!!

    Lots of people want the "bug swirls" more pronounced when buying a neck ,but this will make for a weaker neck. Look for some figuring but not covered if you know what I mean .Make sure there is grain showing also.I have had no problems on my fender birdseye necks!:
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    I wondered about G&L's 90-day warranty on birdseye maple necks, too...especially since it's an upgrade that adds a few hundred bucks to the base price. It's an exception to their otherwise 10-year warranty against defects in materials/workmanship on the guitar.

    In any case, I had 2 G&L's with those necks -an ASAT Semi Hollow that now belongs to CB and a Comanche that a currently banned fretter bought from me & neither ever posed a problem.
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    The old saw is bird's eye maple is not as strong through the axis of the neck due to the bird's eyes as more straight grained maple is.

    Maple is a very dense and hardcore wood - I don't see any problems with bird's eye.
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    I have a birdseye neck and it is fine so far. I am concerned about it though. I sure like the looks of it. I see Clapton with them all the time on the utubes but I did hear something like his techs where trying to get away from them.

    When I look for a guitar though I look for long straight grain. I learned from when I played drums that the longer the grain the stronger the piece.

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