Here is a unique OD/Distortion pedal of my own design that is ready for public consumption. This is not based on any existing design, though it uses some familiar concepts to give you sounds ranging from nearly a clean boost all the way up to screeching, out of control, feedback-laden distortion (with plenty of great sounds along the way). There are two independent drive controls, one pushing a silicon transistor based gain stage into an op-amp overdrive, and the other adding a dirty FET boost to the equation. Between the two there are many, many good dirt sounds to be achieved.

These should be priced at $100 - not too bad for a hand-built, hand-painted pedal. I will be building them as they are ordered, so let me know if you want one built for you.

Here is a demo of the pedal (sorry about my playing, also it's a long demo - if you are interested in lighter OD sounds, start from the beginning and for heavier sounds, start around the 5:30 mark or so!):