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Thread: Lil' Red Riding Hood

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    Default Lil' Red Riding Hood

    Hey fellas! I was hoping someone might have interest in completing this Sam the Sham tune with me. You all know the tune - Lil' Red Riding Hood!

    I built the drum track with EZ Drummer and added the rhythm guitar tracks. Would love someone to lay down some tasty bass and to supply an interesting vocal performance - same person of different individuals.

    Once done I'll pop in some leads.

    Here's the track:

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    Wow, great minds huh, I recently figured out how to play that tune as a bit of a warm up song because it's got a bazillion open chords (well, more than three seems like a bazillion to me) I can't sing tho so I'm afraid that's me out, but I'll DL the track when I get home and have a listen anyway

    Just my opinion, but this song sounds best with female vocals. There are some stunning performances of it on YouTube.

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