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Thread: N(B)AD - New (Borrowed) Amp Day [Belated]

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    Default N(B)AD - New (Borrowed) Amp Day [Belated]

    My Vox amp is having some static and volume control issues I need to get fixed. The other night I was playing with a friend who noted my frustration trying to play through these technical difficulties. He has a Marshall MG30DFX which he generously offered to lend me until my budget suited fixing and/or replacing the Vox.

    Though he enjoys playing, he's much more of play-when-the-mood-strikes hobbyist player. He told me the only time he really ever uses the amp anymore is when he plays with me, so if I had the amp it would be available to him then anyway. I couldn't turn down an offer like that.

    That was Friday night. Saturday I had some time in the afternoon to play a bit and get to know the amp(h) a bit better. The clean tones are nice and warm and, well, clean. A little reverb and I had the ideal tone for the soul/R&B I love so dearly. The amp also took really well to my Digitech GNX-1 which opens up all kinds of tonal possibilities.

    Last night my neighbor (bass player) came over to play so I got to put the amp through its paces a bit more. It was such a relief to be able to just focus on playing and not constantly wrestling with a busted amp to get a playable tone for a few measures. Not sure if I will go the Marshall route when I eventually get a new amp of my own, but right now, I really love playing through this one. Been working on dialing in a Keith Richards style tone for Stones' tunes most of this morning so far.

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    You got a nice friend there to lend you an amph. If your Vox costs too much to repair I'll give you a fair deal on a Vox VT30. Enjoy that Marshall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcdon View Post
    You got a nice friend there to lend you an amph. If your Vox costs too much to repair I'll give you a fair deal on a Vox VT30. Enjoy that Marshall!
    He's been my closest friend for a little over thirteen years now and a more selfless and generous friend I have never found.

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    That suddenly reminds me I should maybe ask my bass and one of my axes back from my old bassplayer...had 'em since 2006 or least will have to ask if he still uses em much.

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    Cool! Welcome to nonmodeling solid state land! It's great that you're able to get some good clean tones with the amph. I'll bet the Digitech helps a lot, too.

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    The Digitech pedal definitely provides ample choices for dirt and other fun effects and I'm glad it sounds good in tandem with this amp(h), but man the clean tones from this Marshall are just awesome.


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