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    I started sending DVM an email directly, and then realized it would be fitting and appropriate to make it public.

    first let me just say, He's 2 for 2. Both of his pedals are non optional parts of my playing, and I've had no issues whatsoever.

    The "Spring Fever" reverb is reverb, I leave it barely on, and don't mess with it much. but if it's off, boy you can tell. the "Mini Klon" Centaur clone....holy crap.

    Bear in mind I'm a newb with OD pedals...haven't spent 30 years evolving with them....but this pedal adds soooo much. I'm playing primarily through a '65 Ampeg Jet, which is a 15W tube amp, that breaks up early. The pedal pushes the tone just enough and it sounds fantastic. Lush sound with a hint of "blattiness" at home playable levels. (that last part is open to interpretation) When he sold it to me, he undersold it, gave me some suggested settings and ideas of how he'd found it most impact-ful, for lack of a better word.

    But I'm having a blast playing guitar right now, and a big part of it is "discovering" what can be accomplished with a small P2P tube amp, a fine pedal, and a good Tele. volume controls on the guitar and Amp, as well as the seperate gain stages on the Klone, and even the volume output on the Klone, as a boost...all impact the sound, and I can barely be in that part of the house without finding a few minutes/hours to muck around with it. It does wonderful things with my Humbucker equipped 535 as well, but the slightly dark sound of the Ampeg and he brightness of the Bill Lawrence L-200 single coils in the tele match up particularly well. I can't believe the degree to which I've fallen into the NEED pedal NEED amp cesspool. I can actually justify different amps for different guitars. sick.

    to the point....nearly every guitar note you hear in my home comes through a DVM pedal, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

    Can't recommend him and his pedals enough.

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    "It's never too late to be what you might have been" - Eliot

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    I'll second that opinion, Tio. I've been playing my Squier '51 with MIM tele pickups, through my full-size Klon clone, into a '65 Ampeg Rocket 2, and it's tone heaven to my ears. The clone gives the guitar a huge boost without coloring the tone--simply amazing.

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