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TC Electronic Tone Print Editor -free & coming soon
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Thread: TC Electronic Tone Print Editor -free & coming soon

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    Default TC Electronic Tone Print Editor -free & coming soon


    For Mac and PC

    How they 'splain the Tone Print feature on their pedals...

    TonePrint simply means signature effects and allows you to load a custom tuned version of a TC effect directly into your TonePrint pedal, creating the direct link between you and the sounds that inspire you. That one power chord that made you go 'I gotta do that!' or the subtle arpeggiated intro that moved you in a way you never experienced before - we all have a musical starting point and yours is waiting for you here.

    Lots of those famous people love TC Electronic and we've approached them for signature versions of our effects, their interpretation of the TC sounds that inspired them. And best of all? The results are available to you for absolutely zilch, nada, zip and zero. You're welcome.
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    Yes Tig I love my TC Flashback Delay pedal & being able to beam all those awesome signature toneprints from my TC Electronics mobile phone app straight to my pedal via the guitars pickups is trick..... So many fantastic delay's to choose from & like you say all free!!!

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