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    Cool Tricks-And-Tweedlies

    tweedlies are made up of slurs and yes both are real music terms.slurs make up any note that is played without hitting it with your pick. common slurs include hammer ons,pull offs and trills,bends and the like.Hendrix was doing all of them long before they had a name,some even refer to riffs played in triads as slurs however a tweedly is different inasmuch as it is a technique used by all the best players from BB to Clapton to Santana.example:fret the third string fifth fret pick hammer on to eighth fret(get this down first so note rings) then pull off from eight to five(shortly thereafter getting it down also).combine both voila tweedly.similarly first string fifth hammer to nine and so on.they are a lot of fun and can be done on all six with or without a blue note.Eric,SRV,EVH to name a few did this and popularized the technique.once learned slow if sped up one can impress even oneself.I just wanted to share this tip being they are fun and will definitely keep anyone out of a rut.

    p.s. some strings are 5 -8 others 5-9 mix em up and have a fact create your own with the same idea on different places on the fretboard up n down. no rule says either 5 -8 and 5-9,5-7,ect are absolutes.let those creative juices flow. Enjoy your guitar

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