Dear Fret members,

I want to share with you the excitement and joy that we experienced with the first studio session for our 2nd album to come in end of 2014 most probably. We have a new project which is to release this CD for the 20th anniversary birthday of the band creation

We took one day in a nice 24 digital tracks studio run by two friends of us which are both excellent musicians and skilled recording engineers JoŽl and Jacques. this time we plan to balance the recording between covers and originals. As a test run we record a cover of Woke up this morning from B.B King which is part of our song list for quite some years. Also new to us we plan to perform on stage with a small horn section trumpet by J.C and saxophones by Max.

We hope that the recording will be raw and true to the bone like we play on stage

Here is Mitch our drummer and my longtime companion (more than 18 years touring together)

Ben which is playing bass with us since 8 years (after our original bass player left)

Myself with my Thinline Custom Telecaster trying to run some licks

My new custom made Tweed Vibrolux amp made by Denis a friend of us

And the horn section

Below a link to a short audio clip of the recording (premix only)