Hi guys,

I just wanted to share this fun and fairly quirky backing track for a standard 12-bar blues progression in G major - in 5/4 time!

Chord progression:

G7 - G7 - G7 - G7
C9 - C9 - G7 - G7
D7 - C7 - G7 - G7 (D7)

These scales are a good starting point for your improvisation:

G Major Pentatonic - G A B D E (G)

G Minor Pentatonic - G Bb C D F (G)

G Mixolydian - G A B C D E F (G)

G Dorian - G A Bb C D E F (G)

HERE is a fun uptempo 12-bar blues backing track in (G) - but this one's in good old 4/4...