Hi guys,

I just wanted to share this Jazz practice backing track for a 2-5-1 progression in C

The chord progression goes like this....

II: Dm7 I G7 I Cmaj7 I Cmaj7 :II

In theory, you can play C major scale all over this, but here are the important chord tones/arpeggios:

Cmaj7 arpeggio = c e g b

Dmin7 arpeggio = d f a c

G7 arpeggio = g b d f

From the point of view of the modes - playing C Major scale will result in C Ionian (Cmaj7 chords), D Dorian (Dm7 chords) and G Mixolydian (G7 chords) - all the same 7 notes...

Next up, try out some more advanced colours on the dominant chord (G7/G13) by using the

G diminished 1/2-1 tone scale = G Ab Bb B C# D E F (G)

Have fun!