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Thread: Mr Les Paul and Kid Jackson(Guitar Jam) - Brennan M

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    Cool Mr Les Paul and Kid Jackson(Guitar Jam) - Brennan M

    Was up Guitar Players!
    Heres another guitar video I made using 2 guitars.

    Gear Used:
    - Jackson Dinky with EMGs 81/85
    - Epiphone Les Paul Custom
    - Line6 Toneport UX2 with POD Farm 1
    - Mixcraft recording software
    - Sony A33 to record video

    Guitars are slightly out of tune and the Intonantion is off a bit.
    But I still like this video and I hope someone else out there likes it too.
    I had fun making this so thats all that really matters

    Thanks and have a Great Day

    Brennan M

    PS. Rock On!

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    Nice melodies and sounds!

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