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Thread: In case your amp does not go to 11

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    Default In case your amp does not go to 11

    Steve Thompson
    Sun Valley, Idaho

    Guitars: Fender 60th Anniversary Std. Strat, Squier CVC Tele Hagstrom Viking Semi-hollow, Joshua beach guitar, Martin SPD-16TR Dreadnought
    Amphs: Peavey Classic 30, '61 Fender Concert
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    love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart. . .
    - j. johnson

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    Or buy a Fender--they go to 12!!

    DVM's Ever-Expanding Gear List:

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    Love it! Long live Nigel!
    "GAS never sleeps" - Gil Janus

    "Now you got to pay your dues. Get that axe and play the blues." - Spudman

    Gear: Epiphone Sheraton II, Epiphone Wildkat, Epiphone Emperor Joe Pass, Fender MIM Strat, Tacoma DR-14, Recording King ROS-626, Johnson JR-200 resonator; Fender Super Champ XD amp

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