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Awful quiet around here... so, any Richard Thompson fans?
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Thread: Awful quiet around here... so, any Richard Thompson fans?

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    Default Awful quiet around here... so, any Richard Thompson fans?

    Wow - never seen the Fret so quiet...

    I don't think that I've heard any mention of RT here before, tho I could have missed it. I was not familiar with him (except by name) until recently. An amazing guitarist (and song writer and singer). Not only does he have amazing technical chops, but I am constantly surprised by the unexpected musical bends and twists of his solos and licks. They always go somewhere unexpected, unusual and interesting, with a really unique sensibility.
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    Yeah he is good!
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    the machine in question!

    believe it or not, that's in my friends living room.
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    I was digging him way back in his Fairport Convention days. Trendsetting British folk/pop. He is one of the few players around you could say is truly unique.
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