This is the pedal, in 2 manifestations (standard and custom), that has had outstanding reviews as a low to medium OD and boost....the Green Id.
The custom version gives more grit to the OD side, among other things.

By chance I happened to contact J Coloccia and asked about the Green Id being discontinued. He said it would be replaced by an Orange Id.

The Orange Id has both the standard and custom together in the same enclosure. You can change from one to the other by internal DIP switches.

Wow, what a fabulous pedal this is. Plenty of tone at the fingertips and the Mid control is great. There is a Voice toggle thru 3 phases that makes the sound a bit gainier.
Lots of tone shaping available as the knobs are reactive throughout the entire sweep. A superb pedal to find your sound.

While I really like both the standard and custom, I much prefer having the pedal set to custom as it gives me tone that I can't get anywhere else.