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Thread: Vintage Semi-Hollow Body Guitars and Amps

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    Default Vintage Semi-Hollow Body Guitars and Amps


    I'd appreciate some thoughts on getting the best sound from vintage Japanese semi-hollow body guitars from the 1960's and early 70's. Presently I'm using a newer Fender Champion 20 (modeling) amp (just playing for personal enjoyment) and sound is overall thinner than I'd prefer (not full enough generally). While I've learned that this is characteristic of PUP's from this era, what amps might create a "fuller" sound ? I have a Crate 125D Acoustic amp to work with if anyone has any suggestions. Not looking to spend a ton on amp and would benefit from some informed feedback on getting the most out of the 2 amps I already have.

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    Blackstar ID-TVP amps. Once you hit the TVP button, the sound just gets magnified and slightly compressed......amazing. That ONE thing sets the Blackstar ID series to a whole other level, IMHO.

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    Try a graphic or parametric EQ. Do it at the store along with other amp options. I bought a Fender Deluxe Reverb especially for the Baseman circuit. It makes my Epiphone Sheraton ( China) sound huge.

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