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Thread: Latest Practicing: Sultans of Swing

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    Well as noted in the other thread, my motivation to play is definitely back. I started learning the final lead from the Metal Method course which I had begun but never finished. Unfortunately, there's an legato lick that I jumped into a bit too enthusiastically for someone who hadn't played in a while. I ended up giving myself the guitarist equivalent of tennis elbow. Rather than quit, I moved to something else. I plan on coming back to that later.

    So I'm trying to pick up Sultans of Swing. I've been using this lesson I found online [as an aside, he has lessons for a LOT of songs]. The song itself is not violently hard, there's just a lot of fills to memorize. It's about the perfect skill level for me--challenging without being overwhelming. Right now I can play through the introduction and the first verse. Once I smooth it out and find a backing track, I'll record some clips.

    The challenge for me is playing this with my fingers. As most of you know, I'm missing my first three fingertips on my right hand. I've gotten used to using my pinkie for hybrid picking. So if a double-stop needs to be plucked, I can use my thumb and pinkie. On some things, I just have to figure out how to make it work. Strumming with my thumb works nicely. I'm liking it way more than I would have thought.

    One cool thing: I noticed already that I'm able to figure out somethings later in the song by ear, based on what I learned already. Progress!
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    Go, Rev, go! That's a pretty good undertaking -
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