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Thread: Playing with Strats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    I always roll off the tone on my bridge pickups (single-coil guitars). It's very important to me. I do that on my humbucker guitars too, but I don't roll it off as much.
    After playing a wide variety of single coil guitars, I can totally see why. These vintage noiseless are not even as bright as the Texas Specials, which I found to be ice-to-the-eyeballs bright.

    I guess that's why I've always liked the Telecaster bridge pickup. It can do the classic rock thing (see Zeppelin, Led), the country thing, and just about everything in between. I've always considered it to be a single coil with an attitude problem

    Talked over the purchase with my wife. Unless something changes my mind in the next 24 hours, I'm going to have a new Tele at home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marnold View Post
    ...I liked the Deluxe Strat. The only thing that gave me pause was the bridge pickup. Super bright. I'd have to rewire it to be on a tone control.
    It's an extremely easy modification, just one little jumper on the 5-way switch. 95% of the effort is taking the pickguard off the guitar to get at the underside of the switch!

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