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Thread: New Mini-Klone Kit from BYOC

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    Default New Mini-Klone Kit from BYOC has recently come out with a "mini" version of their Silver Pony pedal, which is a circuit-faithful clone of the vaunted (and now ridiculously expensive) Klon Centaur. The pedal is a mere 3.75" x 2", so it takes up minimal room on a pedal board, but still offers all of the features and TONE of the original in this tiny package. Click on the pedal image below to go to the BYOC product page.

    Also included below is a YouTube video comparing the BYOC "Li'l Pony" to an original Klon. Listen to it and you'll hear for yourself how authentic it sounds. And for a starting price of $60 for the kit with an unpainted enclosure (or $72 for the snazzy black & metallic gold enclosure shown in the image), you can enjoy the same sounds that would run you $2K - $3K for an original Klon.

    No solder skills or inclination to build your own pedal? Drop me a PM and we'll work something out at a VERY reasonable price. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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    Sounds really close to me
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