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Thread: SD Nazgul 7 or EMG 57 7-H for modern prog (mostly) ?

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    Default SD Nazgul 7 or EMG 57 7-H for modern prog (mostly) ?

    Hello everyone,

    Hi, I have a jackson Dinky sb 22-7 with stocks pickups. I love the way it feels and plays, but the pickups are not that good. Lack of clarity on the low string, and don't feel dynamic enough I think. I'll be mostly learning modern prog on it, either standard or drop A tuning, with songs from TesseracT, Leprous, Haken or Hypno5e (french band that uses a lot of clean parts, but is really heavy), so I'm really looking for clarity, since I'll be doing a lot of chord work, and single notes cleans. What would be the best option between these too ? I'll be buying used, 60€ for the Nazgul, 50€ for the EMG.

    Thank you!
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