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Thread: installing a neck humbucker in a tele

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    Default installing a neck humbucker in a tele

    Hey e'budy. I'm installing a epi elitist HB in the neck position of my squire tele.
    I'd like to keep my bridge pup as part of the combination. The existing pots are 250k. If I exchange the 250s with 500s will that make the bridge pup too bright?

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    That could depend on a number of variaibles: What is the OEM single coil in the bridge position (Alnico II, IV, ceramic) and what is the resistance in k-Ohms?
    I always check the resistance of pots before installing them. Even CTS 500k pots will sometimes read as low as 410k-Ohms. I'd experiment with a 500k-Ohm tone pot in that lower range with a good .047 uf capacitor like a reasonably priced Sprague Orange Drop or a Mallory that could be useful in cutting some of that high top end (if there is any).
    The more you mod the more you realize that absolute answers to seemingly simple questions can often be wrong. The variables can make what seems like sound advice, quite the opposite. I have more than a few trays full of various capacitors, resistors, pots, switches and other assorted guitar parts, so for me it's easy to experiment. I realize that for others not as well stocked as us obsessive modders, this might not be as easy...
    Ah, nothing relieves the discomfort of GAS pains like the sound of the UPS truck rumbling down your street. It's like the musician's Beano.

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