Hope you are all healthy and happy in the challenging times.

Thought I would riff on my most recent acquisition, traded for some cash and an underused American Strat -- which didn't bring as much as they used to .. another story.

Anyway, this is the Godin Montreal Premiere. Heard it on a cupla utube clips, checked it out, quite liked it. happy to find a Canadian axe, non disrespect all to our U.S. friends or the many other places that are making good guitars these days.

First, some specs:

Canadian wild cherry back, sided top, very hard wood and bright sounding acoustically, which doesn't turn my crank. but as you can see it looks great. the guts are carved sitka spruce, so if you like the smell of fragrant wood, you will like the smell of this baby. The carving refers to the centre block, which is carved underneath to allow more easy reverberation. Picture an ancient Roman aqueduct and you get the idea. Overall this construction makes for a guitar that is quite loud acoustically if that matters to you, and extremely light. Probably the lightest guitar I own.

Fingerboard is a comfortable Rosewood

24.75 scale. Most of my guitars are not short scale, but I don't mind this one at all.

Graph tech nut, which I like a lot

Seymour Duncan Jazz SH-2n neck -- just what you would expect. smoky late night lounge, when pushed jumps nicely to Santana et al

Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1b bridge -- very interesting pup. A little spiky, but when you roll the tone back a bit it loses all that and becomes smooth and almost creamy. It needs a tweak to optimize sound but well worth it.

three way switch and only one tone control, which might turn some people off but I didn't mind it in this case. The controls are very sensitive and when used together there's a tonne of tone ranges. Still, you want ultimate flexibility not the best choice.

Worth noting the middle sound, which is not quacky but a nice blend of both pups. Excellent for rhythm and lighter melody parts, but does not cut like the bridge or butter like the neck.

Here' some pix, then I will add one short clip, a bit for reach switch position. Nbridge, middle then neck. Clean to start, then some drive. This is through a Vox Ac30 amp