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Thread: 08 Epiphone dot Elitist pickups

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    Default 08 Epiphone dot Elitist pickups

    I'm doing a setup on an o8 Epi elitest Dot.
    Nice guitar; the owner wasn't happy with the stock pups and exchanges them for a set of Lollars.
    He is giving me the stock pups and I have places for them.
    The question I have is what equivalent Gibson pups are these? They apparently are made in usa as per the stickers making that claim.

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    I can't answer your question but maybe some other member can!
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    From the My Les Paul site:
    Here's the description from the Epiphone Elitist guide......

    The Elitist Pickups
    All Elitist instruments are equipped with custom-wound pickups “Made in the USA” exclusively for Epiphone by Gibson Musical Instruments and feature such uncompromising features as:
    High Quality Cover Materials – All pickup covers use quality German silver with vintage Nickel or real 24K Gold finish.
    Four-Conductor Wiring – Allowing for all possible wiring combinations.
    Full Wax Potting – Every pickup is potted in a special wax bath to insure that microphonic feedback due to internal vibration is eliminated. All covered models receive a second wax bath to further protect the pickup.
    Specially Made Magnets – All magnets are magnetized by Gibson to ensure the total reliability of each magnet’s performance. Critical magnetic flux is maintained for the perfect combination of output without sacrificing tonal characteristics.

    Alnico V magnet........
    The neck pickup is rated at 8.5Kohm, and the bridge is rated at 13.8Kohm per the Gibson/Epiphone pickup guide.

    I'm not sure how accurate that last line is as everything else I've read about these pickups puts them at about 7.4k for the 50SR (neck) and 8.5k for the 50ST (bridge) with Alnico 5 magnets. Most accounts say these pickups sound "just like" the 57 Classics...whatever that means when it comes to the inconsistencies in 50's PAF pickups. They certainly are good pickups by any measure.
    DVM had a set of these that he sold on Ebay back in 2007. He could probably tell you more about the tone of these pickups.
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