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Thread: Van Halen style pedalboard

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    Default Van Halen style pedalboard

    Iím looking for a pedal board that would suit Van Halen stuff well. My dad is a guitarist as well, and heís planning on getting a boss katana. (I donít know what it exactly is, but you hook it up to a computer and can do the amp settings and effects off that. Would I even need this pedalboard?) does anyone know cheap pedals (the most 100 dollars but preferably under 50 each. I know thatís a really cheap budget but Iím not digging spending all my money on guitar pedals.) that are good for Van Halen tone? Thanks!

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    Theoretically, if your Dad gets the Boss Katana and becomes proficient on using the USB computer connection to get his amp settings and effects from that, there really would be no need to get pedals, especially if you are not thrilled with the idea of spending $$$s on pedals.

    The Boss Katana is a highly respected amp and there are a ton of YT videos out there about using a Katana in a general sense and also for specific tones. Here's a couple for you:

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