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Thread: Special thank you to Spudman

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    Default Special thank you to Spudman

    Dunno if Spudman is on here very often but I wanted to thank him for a tip he gave me many moons ago. He suggested keeping the ball end of the string at the tuning peg on my Floyd-equipped Jackson. That way if there ever was a break at the bridge, I could just unwind it a bit and get back in action. All of the sudden my Floyd was going out of tune even though it never had before. Turns out my low E string was unwinding itself where it was going over the saddle. I loosened it up, cut it short, and I'm back in business.

    It took a long time before I needed that, but when I did, I was ready! It's also easier to change strings because you only have to cut one end instead of two.
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    Good deal. I'm happy to hear that worked for you.

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    Ha! Tele-ish now inbound.

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