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Any help on the price of this?
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Thread: Any help on the price of this?

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    Default Any help on the price of this?

    Hey there new to the forum so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this, my mother was given a guitar way back when she was in her teens, both of us don't really know anything about the guitar or how much it might be worth, any and all information would be appreciated! x

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    Made in either the Young Chang or Samick factory in Korea, sometime in '89 -'93 or so. It's not worth very much in terms of dollars, but the sentimental value (you love your Ma, right?) is right up there. Play it and have fun!!
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    Technically this should be in the Stratocaster forum, but that's no biggie.

    I believe that the "E" before the serial number indicates it was an earlier model in the range Zip mentioned. Should have better tuners than later models. They are not highly sought after because Fender cut a lot of corners to get them to a certain price point. The electronics are cheap (easily fixable) and the body is plywood/laminate. I've read that they did a good job hiding the fact it was not a solid wood body in the earlier models but later on, not so much.

    It looks like it's in excellent condition. Do you have any interest in learning guitar? It would make a great starter instrument. If you are looking to sell it, don't expect much.

    If your Mom got that when she was a teenager, then I'm roughly the same age. At that time I had a sweet made-in-the-USA Peavey p-bass that I never should have sold. Cost me about $300 in the late 80s, roughly $700 today, adjusting for inflation. I remember asking my parents to put it on their credit card and I paid them back over about six months.
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